What Is Substantial Gainful Activity And How Does It Affect Your Income?

For those unable to work because of a medical condition, the Social Security Administration (SSA) offers a monthly benefit program. As long as you qualify, you can get paid not to work, but the amount is not meant to totally replace your previous salary or really any salary you've earned in the past. This financial deficit prompts many recipients to take on other work to make ends meet. Read on to find out why that may be a problem and how to avoid it. [Read More]

Don't Worry, You're Covered

When it comes to work-related injuries or illnesses, most people automatically think of a sudden accident that happens in manufacturing or in the construction industry. The truth is that workers' compensation insurance coverage extends much further than most people expect, and knowing about these relatively unusual situations could mean the difference between getting benefits and not. You may have to take action and be assertive when it comes to workplace injuries, so read on to learn more about some of the more uncommon workers' comp situations. [Read More]

Cover All Of Your Financial Needs Before Settlement

Being offered a settlement can feel like a victory, especially if it's for more money than you've seen at one time. Settlements can be tricky, either because your legal opponent tries to play a hard-line policy such as "take it or leave it" while attacking your confidence, or hopes that you'll take a big enough settlement out of greed whether it covers all of your needs or not. Before agreeing with anything, consider a few of these injury compensation points and get an attorney to help you figure out your personal injury specifics. [Read More]

What You Need To Know About Mineral Rights

Do you own a large piece of property that you are not doing much with other than hunting? If so, you may be wondering if it is worth selling those mineral rights to the property to make some extra cash. Selling the oil and gas found underground can be a wonderful way to increase your income by doing relatively nothing, but there are some things to know before signing away the rights to those precious underground materials. [Read More]