What You Need To Know About Mineral Rights

Do you own a large piece of property that you are not doing much with other than hunting? If so, you may be wondering if it is worth selling those mineral rights to the property to make some extra cash. Selling the oil and gas found underground can be a wonderful way to increase your income by doing relatively nothing, but there are some things to know before signing away the rights to those precious underground materials. [Read More]

Three Questions You Should Ask Your Doctor After An Auto Accident

It's essential you see a doctor after you have been involved in an auto accident, even if you haven't sustained any visible injuries. Sometimes internal injuries don't manifest externally and/or take awhile to appear. However, during your appointment, you need to ask your healthcare provider these three questions to ensure he or she will be as helpful to your auto accident case as you need the person to be. Have You Treated Vehicle Accident Patients Before? [Read More]

2 Ways To Help Your Auto Accident Attorney Win

If you have been in a car accident and you are being accused of causing it, or if you have to defend yourself against insurance companies or other drivers who want for you to pay for their damage, you are going to need to have an auto accident attorney who specializes in traffic law come help you handle your court appearances. What can you do to help your attorney win your case? [Read More]

Playground Injuries – Who Is Responsible?

As a parent, you do what you can do give your child all of the experiences that kids need and want while keeping them safe. Getting out of the house and heading to a local playground is one activity that so many parents enjoy with their kids. Unfortunately, the playgrounds that the kids love can also be the playgrounds that cause serious injuries. If your kids get hurt on a playground, is it possible to hold the owner of the playground responsible for the injuries that had been sustained? [Read More]